10 tips for a tranquil garden

With careful planning, you can create a peaceful and tranquil garden. Here are 10 tips to help create such a tranquil garden. Today, many suburban ‘gardens’ are small and often just a patch of grass, planted with a few drought tolerant, exotic specimens. In such a space, it is difficult to relax, to be at … Continued

A high country native garden at Cloudy Hill

Swapping jobs in the nation’s capital for a tree change to the high country and a shed with a view on a rural property, Fiona and Alex moved to Fitzgerald’s Mount near Bathurst in 2008. There they built a house and created a garden that flourishes despite the harsh conditions of the high country of … Continued

A Mediterranean garden in South Australia

I am enjoying growing a Mediterranean garden in Moonta Bay, in South Australia. Distinct seasons in a Mediterranean climate A garden in a Mediterranean climate is fun because the seasons are distinct and interesting. They are generally not too harsh to restrict what can be grown. We have wet mild winters, rarely a frost and … Continued

A three dimensional garden in Brisbane

We recently visited a garden like no other – it was a three dimensional garden in Brisbane! Garden Design Study Group visit to the garden of Dennis Higgins I recently met Dennis Higgins when presenting a lecture to the local garden club. He enthused me with the description of his garden. As a result, sight … Continued

Choosing a formal or informal native garden style

When designing a new native garden, choosing whether to create a formal or informal native garden style is one of your first steps. There are different things to consider when choosing the style of your garden. One of these is the overall look and feel of the garden. Another is the degree of change you … Continued

Create a sustainable native garden

Introduction When you create a sustainable native garden, you discover the benefits of native plant gardening, from conserving water and providing habitat for local fauna to fostering a sense of place and identity. Explore six essential tips for crafting a thriving native garden, including design considerations, resource conservation, and the importance of experimentation. Join the … Continued

Creating a ‘wallum’ garden

I wanted to try my hand at creating a ‘wallum’ garden, a coastal heathland garden which has incredible diversity. Here’s how we went about it. Wallum ecosystems are coastal heathlands Those of you who know coastal heathlands, know what amazing and diverse ecosystems these are. They contain a plethora of unique and wonderful plants, many … Continued

Creating a native cottage garden

Have you ever wondered how to go about creating a cottage garden with native plants? The idea of a cosy cottage garden, with herbaceous borders of annuals and perennials against a backdrop of shrubs and (maybe) a small tree or two, has always been popular. Nowadays smaller gardens continue to make this style popular. In … Continued

Creating a thriving Mediterranean garden

I am creating a thriving Mediterranean garden in Western Australia. The key is to garden with nature. Living in a Mediterranean climate I live and garden in Kojonup, Western Australia, which is 256 kilometres south-east of Perth. We have an average rainfall of 500mm per year, that occurs normally in the winter months. No rain … Continued

Creating serenity in a native garden

My garden is a place of serenity, which I set out to create. Everything that follows is predicated on the idea that plants are integral to a garden. In other words, I’m not talking about a concrete jungle or a sculpture garden, or a Japanese stone garden. Creating a feeling of serenity I heard an … Continued

Creation of a successful habitat garden

Showcasing the natural environment was the creation of a successful habitat garden. This is the Keith Moore Habitat Garden in Huskisson. Volunteers from the Australian Plants Society NSW supported the project. Where it is located The Keith Moore Habitat Garden is located at the Lady Denman Heritage Complex, Huskisson, New South Wales on the shores … Continued

Designing a tapestry garden 

An important part of designing a tapestry garden is to sketch up the concept. This allows you to see how the garden will flow and picks up the key features you want to highlight. What is a tapestry garden A lovely example of a tapestry garden in the US is that represented in this book, … Continued

Grow a native garden in shade

Have you ever wondered how to grow a native garden in shade? Here is a spectacular showcase of shady gardens, along with tips to consider in your design. The annual cycle of sun and shade leads to design decisions The longest day of the year on 21 December has passed. Shorter shadows cast from the … Continued

My front courtyard garden

It’s always useful to critique one’s own garden from a design perspectiveand here I have assessed my own front courtyard garden. Site conditions and analysis Location and aspect are both fundamental to understandi the planning and design approach to any garden. This is the front section of our residential garden in Moreton Bay north of … Continued

My small native courtyard

As a result of building works, I needed to redesign my small native courtyard in Sydney’s northern suburbs. The courtyard is located between the front of my house and a pitched roof carport. Here is my design thinking and approach.  Site constraints and size My design thinking for my native courtyardd The outcome of the courtyard … Continued

My Southern Tablelands garden

My Southern Tablelands garden follows the style of many country gardens. It has formal garden beds and lawns rather than bush plantings and winding paths. Here is my design philosophy and how it is evolving. Location and site conditions My rural property in Reidsdale south of Braidwood NSW sits in open farmland between several large … Continued

Small native gardens and courtyards

Do you have a small garden or courtyard that you’d like to be native? This article outlines the types of small gardens and coutyards, as well as how to design small native gardens and courtyards. Why small gardens and courtyards are increasingly prevalent For many Australians, living in a house on a small lot, an … Continued

Small rainforest garden in Brisbane

Carol Guard is justly proud of her small rainforest garden in suburban Brisbane. This story outlines how she built a sense of community, committed to a design and selected her rainforest species. A desire to create a sense of community When Carol Guard, moved to Shorncliffe, Queensland, 20 years ago, she was keen to become … Continued

Stunning native rooftop garden

Imagine a rooftop garden full of stunning native plants, blowing in the breeze – it’s magic! Commitment to sustainability Back in 2019, the Mirvac team, Didi Stigter and Victoria Stiles, invited several of us to visit the first indigenous rooftop farm and other cultural gardens at the recently developed South Eveleigh precinct. The rooftop garden … Continued

Why grow an indigenous native garden

I’m a landscape designer with a passion for designing eco-friendly gardens in visual harmony with the natural landscape. This article is about why you should grow an indigenous native garden. There are five problems facing gardeners and growers today. Many of these can be addressed by using indigenous species to solve them. Indigenous plants are … Continued