Melaleuca and Allied Genera Study Group

This Group was formed in about 1990 with the aim of studying the cultivation and propagation of the genus Melaleuca and related plants. There was originally a separate group allocated to each of the genera Melaleuca and Callistemon. However, when the Callistemon group was closed, it seemed logical to include it with Melaleuca (given the close relationship of the two genera) and to also include other related genera within the Leptospermum Alliance (eg. Leptospermum, Kunzea, Calothamnus, Beaufortia and Eremaea. There were also earlier Study Groups for Beaufortia and Calothamnus and their relatives.

Although this Study Group is now closed, the Group's newsletters can be downloaded from the links below. Also available for download are the two comprehensive reports which gather together information gained during the period of operation of the Study Group.

Melaleuca megacephala    Callistemon phoeniceus 'Pink Ice'
Left: Melaleuca megacephala. Right: Callistemon phoeniceus 'Pink Ice'.
Photos: Brian Walters

Newsletters and Reports

During the Group's period of operation, its newsletters documented reports from members into cultivation issues, propagation methods and natural occurrences of different species. These newsletters assisted in assessing the suitability of various species for cultivation in a range of climatic zones and in preparing articles for the Society's journal Australian Plants.

The newsletters were also used to compile two comprehensive reports into species and cultivars of Melaleuca and related genera, covering their performance under cultivation in a range of districts, both within Australia and overseas. The reports covered factors such as soil types, drainage, pests, fertilizing, frost tolerance, flower colour and flowering times.

  • Report No.1, April 1999 - Callistemon, Kunzea, Leptospermum and Melaleuca
  • Report No.2, November 2003 - Beaufortia, Callistemon, Calothamnus, Hypocalymma, Kunzea, Leptospermum, Melaleuca, Phymatocarpus and Regelia

Further information on the characteristics and cultivation of Melaleuca, Callistemon and related plants is available from the following links.

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