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The genus Boronia is one of the best known of all Australian plants. There are approximately 95 species, all but one of which occur only in Australia. The majority of species are found in south-western Australia.

Boronia falcifolia is a small shrub of up to 0.75 metres in height with slender stems. The flowers are 4-petalled of a star-like appearance and are deep pink in colour, though white flowers are occasionally seen. They are about 10 mm diameter and are seen mainly in spring through to mid summer, sometimes continuing into late autumn. The foliage is pinnate, comprising compound leaves (about 10 mm long) made up of three leaflets which are rounded in cross section.

B.falcifolia is not widely cultivated but is reasonably hardy in temperate areas although it may be slow growing. It is worth growing because of its small habit and showy flowers and should perform best in a well drained position with an assured supply of water. It will grow in semi-shade or full sun.

In common with most members of the Rutaceae, propagation of B.falcifolia from seed is difficult but cuttings usually strike readily from current season’s growth.


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Boronia falcifolia
Photo: Barbara Henderson


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