General Description:

Hibbertia is a genus of around 150 species, most of which occur naturally in Australia. They are generally small to medium shrubs with yellow, buttercup-like flowers.

Hibbertia grossulariifolia is a prostrate shrub, spreading to a metre or more across. The leaves are deep, glossy green to about 25-30 mm diameter with deep lobes. The large golden yellow flowers, 30 mm in diameter occur mainly in spring and early summer. The individual flowers usually last only a day or two but new flowers are produced over a long period.

This plant is fairly new to cultivation. Like other plants from south Western Australia, it can be difficult to maintain for long periods in areas with humid summers. It is suited to a position in full sun but will also grow successfully in semi-shaded areas. It requires soils with good drainage and will tolerate at least moderate frost.

Hibbertias, generally, are easy to grow from cuttings and Hibbertia grossulariifolia is no exception. Seeds can be slow and difficult to germinate.


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Hibbertia grossulariifolia
Photo: Brian Walters


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