General Description:

Orites is a genus of nine species, seven of which are Australian endemics. The other two species are found in South America.

O.diversifolius is an erect shrub up to 2-3 metres in height – smaller at higher altitudes. The leaves are between 5 to 10 cm long (again, smaller in high altitude plants), ovate to oblong in shape and may be entire or toothed.  The small, white flowers occur in clusters of about 20 towards the ends of the branches and are sweetly scented.  Flowering occurs in spring and are followed by seed pods containing 2 winged seeds.

Orites diversifolius is rarely seen in cultivation and is regarded as being slow growing and difficult to maintain successfully for extended periods.  It would require a moist, well-drained position in a protected position.

The plant has been successfully propagated from both seed and cuttings.

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Orites diversifolius
Photo: Brian Walters


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