General Description:

Schelhammera is a genus of two species. S. undulata is endemic to Australia while S. multiflora occurs in Queensland, New Guinea and Malesia.

S.undulata is a low-growing, herbaceous plant usually less than 0.3 m high.  The leaves are up to 50 mm long and 15 mm wide, more or less oval shaped with wavy margins. The pink flowers are about 15 mm in diameter and have 6 petals with darker streaks. They appear on long stalks at the ends of branches or in leaf axils.  Flowering occurs in spring.

This species is uncommon in cultivation but may be available occasionally from indigenous plant nurseries.  It prefers areas of dappled shade in moist, well-drained soils.

Propagation from seed is usually reliable with no special treatment being required although seed is likely to be difficult to source.


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Schelhammera undulata
Photo: Brian Walters


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