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Australian Native Seed Suppliers

The following information has been compiled from details supplied by the various suppliers.


  • Many countries require Phytosanitary Certificates to accompany any consignment of seed to certify that the seed is free of disease and insect/fungus pests. Companies which export seed will arrange for the necessary documentation, however, the cost will be passed on to the customer. The cost varies depending on the company involved. Anyone ordering from overseas should check the import requirements of their own country and, when ordering, ensure that the company is advised if a Phytosanitary Certificate is needed.

  • To telephone or fax any of the companies from overseas, dial your International Access Code, then dial the Australian Country Code (61), then the Australian phone number without the first zero of the Area Code. For example, to dial the Australian phone number (02) XXXX XXXX from the USA, you would dial 011 61 2 XXXX XXXX.

If you contact any of these suppliers, please let them know where you found out about their services.

Australian Seed Company
PO Box 67,

This company supplies Seed of a wide range of Australian trees and shrubs, including tropical, temperate, cold-tolerant and arid-zone species. Provenance details can be provided for many collections of eucalypts and acacias.

Phone (02) 4758 6132; Fax (02) 4758 7022; Email:

Australian Wildflower Seeds Pty Ltd
PO Box 606,

Based in Perth, Australian Wildflower Seeds package and distribute seeds of native plants in small retail packets to retail nurseries and other retailers around the country. The company also provide a mail order service to individual customers around Australia and overseas.

Phone (08) 9731 6801; Email:

AustraHort Pty Ltd
PO Box 595,

AustraHort supplies both bulk and small lots of Australian plant species including seeds and seedlings of trees, shrubs, palms and pasture seeds. The company can supply seed for forestry projects, the revegetation of degraded lands and general horticulture. Seed can be ordered using the on-line catalogue.

Phone (07) 3821 0745; Fax (07) 3821 0746; Email:

Diversity Native Seeds
Sarana 1040

Diversity Native Seeds supplies a wide range of native seed including tree, shrub, grass and wildflower species.

Phone (02) 6842 2959. Mob: 0402 907 809. Email:

Ellison Horticultural Pty Ltd
267 Rous Road,

Ellison Horticultural is an established supplier of tree, shrub and palm seed and seedlings.

Mob: 0448 454 520. Mob for international enquiries: 0418 277 541. Email:

Envirohort (Environmental Horticulture Australia)
PO Box 4036
SOUTH BUNDABERG, Queensland, 4670

Specialising in collection and distribution of seeds for horticultural and environmental purposes. Phone ( 61) 07 4155 6204; Fax ( 61) 07 4155 6986; E-Mail :

GHEMS Revegetation Environmental
4 Duffy St,

Professional and contracting services company in the specialised fields of native seed supply, revegetation, natural area management, contract planting and erosion control.s.

Phone: (08) 9373 7100. Email:

Harvest Seeds & Native Plants
281 Mona Vale Road,

Harvest Seeds & Native Plants has gained a reputation of supplying seeds and propagating plants from specific provenances for major revegetation projects and plays a vital role in furthering research, seed collections and propagation of our Australian native grasses, rushes and sedges.

Phone (02) 9450 2699; Email:

R and K Horner
1 Grundy Street,
ALICE SPRINGS, Northern Territory, 0870

This company specialises in seeds of plants from central Australia.


Kimseed Australia
3/61 Buckingham Drive,
WANGARA, Western Australia 6065

Australian Supplier of Native Seeds and Seed Processing Machinery. Kimseed supplies to local and export markets - Western Australian Natives, Mine/Land Revegetation Provenance Seeds, Saltland Tolerant Seeds and Pasture Seeds.

Phone: (08) 9409 2244 ; Email:

Merrywood Seeds and Plants

Supplier of a wide range of Australian native and exotic tree, shrub, grass and palm seeds.

Phone: (02) 4421 0731; Mob: 0477 056 160; Email:

Native Seeds Pty Ltd
34/148 Chesterville Road,
CHELTENHAM, Victoria 3192

Native Seeds specialises in growing and selling high quality seed of Australian native grasses and a range of other native species.

Phone 1300 473 337; Email:

PO Box 2121,
ALBANY, Western Australia, 6331

Nindethana Seed Service is part of Greening Australia (WA) and supplies a large range of Australian native plant seeds, with over 3000 species available. The company caters for both the amateur grower by supplying small packets and the commercial grower with bulk supplies of most species.

Phone (08) 9844 3533; Fax (08) 9844 3573; Email:

Red Dirt Seeds
1536 Porongurup Rd,
MOUNT BARKER, Western Australia, 6324

Red Dirt Seeds specialises in revegetation and rehabilitiation of mine sites in Western Australia. Seeds are harvested from existing vegetation from around each mine site and stored in our facility.

Mobile: Phone 0427 985 322; Email:

Royston Petrie Seeds
11B Industrial Avenue,
P.O. Box 1152

Royston Petrie Seeds Ltd is a family owned wholesale supplier of seeds to nurseries, commercial growers, revegetation companies, wholesalers, market gardeners, primary producers and home gardeners in Australia and Overseas.

Phone (02) 6372 7800; Fax (02) 6372 7077; Email:

Seed Shed
PO Box 606
DONNYBROOK, Western Australia, 6239

Seed Shed collects, processes and packs a wide range of Australian native seeds which are then available for commercial rehabilitation projects & nurseries across Australia.

Phone: (08) 9732 1152; Email:

Seeding Victoria
PO Box 3,
CRESWICK, Victoria, 3363

The organsiation provides seed for much of central, south west and western Victoria with seed banks and seed supply for Corangamite, North Central, Wimmera, Upper Glenelg Hopkins, and the Werribee Catchment through our Creswick, Swan Hill and Wimmera locations.

Phone (03) 5345 2200; Fax (03) 5345 1357; Email:

Seedworld Australia Pty. Ltd.
PO Box 1408,
NOWRA, NSW, 2541

Seedworld Australia offer a huge range of native tree, native shrub, native palm and native grass seeds.

Phone (02) 4423 0894; Mob: 0419 493 858; Email:

Wildseed Tasmania
91 Weston Hill Rd
SORELL, Tasmania, 7172

Wildseed Tasmania supplies seed and spore from the widest range of Tasmanian native trees, shrubs, grasses, ground covers, climbers and ferns.

Phone: (03) 6265 2651. E-mail:

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