Hairy fan flower: Scaevola ramosissima

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Where to see Australian Plants

We can show you diagrams and photographs ...but nothing compares with seeing Australian plants yourself, either in cultivation or in their natural environment.

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Information presented here has been obtained from brochures produced by organisations responsible for the operation of some of the gardens and reserves listed and from personal experiences of a number of individuals. Special thanks to Loren Russell, Cathy Nanz, Ernie Wasson and Kate Sedwick (California, USA), Susanna Rosén (Sweden), Mary Beth Fay (USA), Mark Brent, Robyn Johnson and Andy Ward (UK), Noni Edwards (France), Anne Young, Ingrid Adler, Donna Matthews, Andy of Western Natives, Christian Narkowicz, Mark Fountain, Bronwyn Wright, Jodie Clarkson, Jane and Phil Williams, Phil Potter, Rodger Elliot, Veda Chang, Michele Adler, Alf Salkin, Kerrie Rathie, Carol McCormack, Caroline Kelly, Peter Codd, Greg Spearritt, Keith Holmes, Grace Gibson, Jennifer McLean, Cas Liber, Mathew Hurst, Phyllis McLeod, Anne Green, Sue Bedford, Graham Wilsen, Bill Chestnut, John Rawlings, Tony Cavanagh.