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Australian Plants online

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Issues 1 to 12 of Australian Plants online are available from the links below.

Contents of Issue No.12 - December 1998

  • Getting Started 3: Growing from Seed.
  • Growing Tropical Australian Rainforest Trees...how to establish your own rainforest.
  • Bush Food Species for Temperate Regions.
  • The Naming Game...plant names often contain a hidden story.
  • Australian Plants and Essential Oils. What is the basis for the aromatic fragrance of the foliage of many plants?
  • The Nurseryperson and You...a nurseryman looks at recent trends and relationships with the customer.
  • Blandfordia in History. The early cultivation of "Christmas Bells" in Europe.
  • Short Cuts - Direct Tree Seeding...The Value of a Tree...Will the REAL Callistemon "Captain Cook" Please Stand Up?...After the Virus; the impact of Rabbit Calicivirus (RCV)...Beaufortia and the Duchess of Beaufort...A Remarkable Red Wattle.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.11 - September 1998

  • Getting Started 2: The Soil - Part 2 in our series about the basics.
  • Australian Plants in Their Own Garden - Bush Tales from the northern Flinders Ranges..
  • Tissue Culture of Grevillea Species at Mt Annan Botanic Garden - Tissue culture is an important technique for conservation of endangered species.
  • Leptospermum - Tea trees are well known but relatively few are grown in gardens.
  • Attracting Native Birds into Your Garden - A garden filled with birds is just a matter of correct planting.
  • The Romance of Haloragodendron lucasii - A rare plant rediscovered in suburban Sydney.
  • Butterfly Mania - Why would you want to encourage insects that eat your plants? Lots of reasons....
  • Short Cuts - Ants: Good or Not-so-good in the Bush?; Symphionema; The Orchid Which Catches Stingless Bees; Hibbertia; Pruning Australian Native Plants; Sheer Exhilaration! Growing Sturt's Desert Pea.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.10 - June 1998

  • Getting Started 1: Myths and Fables - A new series about the basics.
  • Growing Darwinia - Grafting holds the key to successful growing of these spectacular plants.
  • Flowers.....Who Needs em?!!! - There's more to an interesting Australian garden than colourful flowers.
  • Commercial Propagation of Australian Wildflowers.
  • Associations Among Plants, Birds and Insects - How these relationships can effect back-yard ecology.
  • Blue Mountains Wilderness - A journey into the rugged country of the Coxs and Kowmung Rivers.
  • Aboriginal Uses of Plants Around Sydney - Plant species used for food, tools and medicines
  • Short Cuts - Growing Ptilotus in Sydney; Junk Food Kills Birds; An Unusual Propagation Method; Coppice Gardening - Adopting An Old Forestry Practice; Germinating Seeds in Plastic Bags; Wallabies at the Bottom of the Garden
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.9 - March 1998

  • Floral Emblems - Eucalyptus globulus (Tasmania).
  • Australian Climbing Plants - What goes up.......usually stays there!
  • Medicinal Properties and Bush Foods of eucalypts - Eucalypts have proved highly valuable to both aborigines and European settlers.
  • A Protean Garden in California - Australian and South African plants florish far from home.
  • An Introduction to Ferns - Some hardy ferns for cultivation, indoors and outside.
  • A Short History of Grevillea cultivation in England - Grevilleas were introduced in the "old dart" as early as 1792!
  • Using Spaces and Styles in Overall Garden Design - How to achieve a practical and spaceous landscape
  • Short Cuts - Mycorrhizas in native flora; Growing grasses; The Wee Jasper Grevillea; Autumn - a time to rejuvinate the garden; The Ranunculus family in OZ; The genus Lomatia
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.8 - December 1997

  • Floral Emblems - Wahlenbergia gloriosa (Australian Capital Territory).
  • A Simple Botany of Wattles - the characteristics of the genus Acacia.
  • The Flowering Sands - Flora of the "Wallum" (coastal heath).
  • Bunya Feast - Bunya pines produce a bountiful harvest.
  • Phosphorus Needs of Australian Plants - Removing the uncertainty regarding phosphorus toxicity.
  • Re-establishing Local Bushland in Suburban Melbourne.
  • Dyeing with Eucalypts - Adding colour to wool.....
  • Short Cuts - Growing plants from seed; Plant nomenclature; Getting the priorities right; Hakea trineura - a geographical oddity; Around the "S" bend; Growing grass trees.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.7 - September 1997

  • Floral Emblems - Anigozanthos manglesii (Western Australia).
  • The Quandong (Santalum acuminatum) - a desert plant with a big future.
  • Meeting the challenge of propagating the Quandong.
  • Australian plants as weeds at home and abroad.
  • Australian Native Poisonous Plants.
  • Protecting and creating habitat in bushland and local parks and gardens.
  • Australian Hibiscus (and relatives) in pots.
  • Short Cuts - From tree to seed; Tea tree oil; The "Bog Method" for germinating seed; Viruses and orchids; Eremophila racemosa - Back from the brink; Eight ways to kill cuttings.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.6 - June 1997

  • Floral Emblems - Gossypium sturtianum (Northern Territory)
  • Grey and Silver Plants in the Australian Garden
  • Australian Plants in California
  • Australian Plants for Bonsai
  • Gardening by Computer
  • Germination Trials with Eremophila species
  • Growing Callistemons in Large Pots
  • Short Cuts - Growing dendrobiums; Vegetative propagation of eucalypts; Striking cuttings in winter; Australian plants and the senses; Botanical terminology; Preventing disease in potting mixes
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.5 - March 1997

  • Floral Emblems - Telopea speciossissima (New South Wales)
  • Grow your own Rainforest
  • Capricornia Cuisine - Bush Tucker in Central Queensland
  • Revegetating for Habitat in Parks, Gardens and Roadsides
  • Pests and Diseases of Australian Plants
  • Australian Proteaceae in Pots
  • Starlight's Banksia - A new Banksia for eastern Australia
  • Short Cuts - Pasteurised cutting/potting mix; Pruning to rejuvenate; The white waratah; The blueberry ash; Propagation of ferns; Trigger plants
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.4 - December 1996

  • Floral Emblems - Epacris impressa (Victoria)
  • Cultivation and Propagation of Boronia and its Relatives
  • Australian Plants as Cut Flowers
  • Small-growing Eucalypts
  • Correas and Birds
  • Bringing Back the Bush
  • Three (More) Rogue Aussies!
  • Short Cuts - Macro Results - Micro Method!; Grevillea rara Surfaces Again!; The Protean Legend (More or Less....); A Frog - friendly Garden; How Does One Sharpen Sand?; Potting on Seedlings
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.3 - September 1996

  • Floral Emblems - Dendrobium bigibbum (Queensland)
  • The Impact of Fire - An Historical Perspective
  • Planning for All-Year Colour
  • Views of the Australian Flora - The First Settlers
  • Rediscovery of Grevillea batrachioides
  • Murphy's Laws of Gardening
  • The Golden Everlasting - Bracteantha bracteata
  • Short Cuts - Spirited Plants; Dusky - The Runaway Coral Pea; Growing Rhododendron lochiae; A Spider in the Rain Gauge; Cuttings and Myths
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.2 - June 1996

  • Floral Emblems - Swainsona formosa (South Australia)
  • Fragrant Australian Plants
  • Tower Hill - Large Scale Revegetation in Victoria
  • Early English Views of the Australian Flora
  • Rediscovery of Grevillea williamsonii
  • Corymbia - New Genus in the Eucalypts
  • Use of Smoke for Germination
  • Short Cuts - Smoke Treatment for Baeckea behrii; Nardoo Sporocarps; Banksias, Sand and Superphosphate; Underground Orchid Found; Simple Propagation in Water
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.1 - March 1996

  • Floral Emblems - Acacia pycnantha (Australia)
  • Flannel Flowers
  • Phosphorus and Iron Nutrition
  • Early Dutch Views of the Australian Flora
  • A Different View of Plant Pests
  • Australian Plants in California
  • Grafting Mint Bushes
  • Short Cuts - Grevilleas from Seed; History of Callistemon Cultivation; Legionnaire's Disease; Seed Treatment for "Pea"-Type Plants; Ethics of Non-Indigenous Plants
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

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