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Articles and Reviews - 2009

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Feature Articles
Growing Western Banksias in Containers
    Growing in containers may be successful with some western species.
8 August 2009
Insects and Flowers
    Insects and plants have a complex relationship and they inter-react in a variety of ways.
5 August 2009
Teatree Web Moth (Webbing Caterpillar)
    A nasty little pest that can disfigure small-leaved teatrees and other Myrtaceae.
23 July 2009
The Garden in Winter
    It's cold. It's miserable. But it's not all doom and gloom in the garden.
29 June 2009
The Joy of Weeding
    We're kidding, right?! Well, no. It gives us the chance to observe what's happening around us.
21 June 2009
Everlasting Daisies
    Australian daisies for massed colour in the garden.
23 May 2009
The Dunedin Botanic Garden and its Australian Section
    Growing Australian plants further south than the bottom tip of Tasmania.
22 May 2009
Australian Heaths
    Epacris, Styphelia, Richea, Woolsia? Possibly unfamiliar to many but with lots to offer.
21 April 2009
A Natural Pond in your Garden?
    The characteristics found in larger wetlands can be reflected in garden ponds.
18 April 2009
Attractive Correas
    Some hardy , bird attracting species to try in your garden.
16 March 2009
The rare and remarkable species of Australian Discaria
    With only two Australian species, these prickly shrubs are rarely seen in cultivation.
16 March 2009
Australian Native Succulents
    You may be surprised to learn that Australia has at least 400 succulent species.
15 February 2009

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Short Cuts
An Australian Style Garden
     What comes to mind when you think of an Australian-style garden?
8 August 2009
Getting to Know the Boab Tree
     Australia's only member of the genus Adansonia, the boab is an iconic tree of the north-west.
5 August 2009
Propagating Difficult Seed
     When all else fails - improvise!
23 July 2009
Sooty Mould on Correas and Other Native Plants
     Watch out for sooty mould - early treatment is the key.
20 July 2009
Acacias, Butterflies and Ants
     Don't be in too much of a hurry to kill caterpillars - you may miss something special.
14 July 2009
One 'Must Know' Principle of Gardening
     It's simple really. Understand your garden site and know its benefits and limitations.
21 June 2009
Garden Maintenance Tips - 3
     Help is at hand for getting the best out of your plants and your native garden.
30 May 2009
Striking Beauties
     Four beautiful plants that are ridiculously easy to strike from cuttings.
29 May 2009
A Mystery Tree Bears Fruit
     Ever heard of Halfordia kendack? No? It seems to have possibilities as a bush food plant.
21 May 2009
Tripping Triggers
     Have you ever "tripped" a trigger? Stylidium species have an unusual pollination method.
25 April 2009
Garden Maintenance Tips - 2
     More tips, this time about correct pruning to improve flowering next season.
23 April 2009
On the Fringe
     It's called the 'Common' fringe lily - but how many have seen it in the wild?
18 April 2009
Grevilleas as Plant Allergens
     Several grevilleas have been implicated in causing contact dermatitis in susceptible people.
16 March 2009
Wild Orange - Capparis mitchellii
     A bush tucker plant from inland areas of Australia.
16 March 2009
Garden Maintenance Tips
     How to make your ferns and kangaroo paws look their best!
16 March 2009
Mysteries of Nardoo
    Are Australian species of Marsilea correctly classified?
15 February 2009
Growing Grass Trees - The Queensland Experience
    Xanthorrhoeas are easily grown from seed and are not as slow as you might expect.
15 February 2009
Australian Cycads
    These beautiful, fern-like plants may be slow growing but are worth the wait!
16 February 2009

 Date added
Banksias: A Field and Garden Guide
    Ivan Holliday and Geoffrey Watton.
13 August 2009
Flowering Plant Families of the World
    V.H. Heywood, R.K. Brummitt, A. Culham and O. Seberg.
14 July 2009
Tree Ferns
    Mark Large and John Braggins.
30 May 2009
Sturt Pea, a Most Splendid Plant
    David Symon and Manfred Jusaitis.
26 April 2009
Across the Top - Gardening with Australian Plants in the Tropics
    Compiled by Keith Townsend.
9 March 2009
    Kevin Collins, Cathy Collins and Alex George.
15 February 2009

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