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Prior to December 2004, Australian Plants online was published quarterly. 35 issues were published, containing over 200 articles. You can access those articles from the links below.

Australian Plants online was not published between October 2004 and May 2006

Contents of Issue No.35 - September 2004

  • On the Brink - 11: (Australian Plants at Risk) Persoonia nutans
  • Margaret River, So Much More Than Wine. The eucalypts of the Margaret River forests.
  • Edible Plants
  • Coastal Plants - Connecting Tasmania and South-east Queensland
  • The Genus Olearia
  • Western Victoria and the Grampians in Spring
  • The Byfield Fern. It might look like a fern but Bowenia is a cycad!
  • Short Cuts - Native Gardens and Birds; Growing Better Cycads from Seed; Common Names and Their Origins; Cuttings and Myths; Designing a Garden - The Lang Approach; Moonlight Stinger or Gympie Gympie.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.34 - June 2004

  • On the Brink - 10: (Australian Plants at Risk) Banksia cuneata
  • Mallows are Frog Favourites; Want a frog-friendly garden? Hibiscus-like plants may be the answer.
  • True Blue Australians; Blue flowered plants
  • Eucryphia lucida - Leatherwood
  • Planting Under Established Eucalypts
  • Spotlighting the Deadly Night Shade Family - The Solanaceae
  • Commercial Growing of Cut Flowers
  • Short Cuts - Waratahs...A Few Facts; Wedding Bush - Ricinocarpos pinifolius; A Rare Experience - The elusive pink flannel flower makes an appearance; Gardening in a Time of Water Restrictions; New Life - Experiences in plant recovery after a drought; Myrmecochory - An important seed dispersal method in nature.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.33 - March 2004

  • On the Brink - 9: (Australian Plants at Risk) Zieria granulata
  • The Rainforest: Yes, It may be Copied; Experiences in setting up a suburban rainforest
  • Botany and How She is Spoke
  • Trials of Long-stem Tube Stock
  • Coming to Grips with the Genus Correa; The history and current activities of ASGAP's Correa Study Group
  • The Grass Tree: Its Uses and Abuses
  • Successful Propagation: Making the Right Choices; Practical advice on plant propagation from cuttings
  • Short Cuts - Yellow Flowers; A Cut in Time - a non-pruner reforms his ways; Big Pots, Root Binding and Freshening Potting Mixes; Another view on Racosperma; Travelling with Cuttings; Are the Locals Good Enough? - using indigenous plants
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.32 - December 2003

  • On the Brink - 8: (Australian Plants at Risk) Grevillea iaspicula
  • Growing Native Plants in Containers
  • Coping with the Drought; helping plants cope with extended dry weather
  • Coastal Wanderings; spectacular wildflowers on the Central Coast of New South Wales
  • Botany and Ecology of the 'Nightcap Oak', Eidothea hardeniana
  • Genetic Provenance; the importance of preserving local genetic forms
  • Australian Native Hibiscus
  • Short Cuts - How to Grow Flannel Flower Easily; Potting Mixes: Roots Need Room to Breathe; A Reliable Wax Flower; Australian Native Grasses and Gardens; The Genus Boronia; The Late Inclusion of Trees in Garden Design
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.31 - September 2003

  • On the Brink - 7: (Australian Plants at Risk) Phaius tancarvilliae
  • Garden Design for Australian Plants in a Changing World
  • Small Gums for Small Gardens
  • Santalum - a fascinating genus
  • Protecting Threatened Plants
  • Banksia as Bonsai
  • The Genus Bauera
  • Short Cuts - Scarlet Fuchsia: Graptophyllum excelsum; Vegetative Propagation; Treatment of Pea-type Seed; Bush Tucker - Burdekin Plum; Hakeas and Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos; Banksias and Drought
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.30 - June 2003

  • On the Brink - 6: (Australian Plants at Risk) Swainsona sejuncta
  • So You're Going to Western Australia to see the Wildflowers
  • Verticordia in the Garden
  • Eating and Drinking the Garden - recommendations for native plants that can be part of your everyday culinary experience!
  • Growing Banksias in Northern Victoria
  • Rediscovering Grevillea rosmarinifolia - The type form of this well known species was thought to be extinct - until rediscovered in two very different locations!
  • Lilly Pillys in the Garden
  • Short Cuts - Golden Guinea Tree (Dillenia alata); Growing Golden Penda; Growing Grevillea from Seed; Propagation for the Casual Grower; Fifteen Ideas for Garden Design; Grafting Grevillea caleyi
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.29 - March 2003

  • On the Brink - 5: (Australian Plants at Risk) Darwinia carnea
  • Establishing Australian Plants - The Water Wise Way
  • Proposed Name Changes in Acacia
  • Isopogon and Petrophile - These two genera in the Protea family deserve to be much better known
  • Some Australian plants in cultivation in England by 1800
  • Grevilleas for Cultivation - Some of the more unusual species worth looking out for
  • Longstem Native Tubestock - The Solution to the Willow Problem
  • Short Cuts - The Queensland Tree Waratah; Grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle'; Growing Ferns from Spore; The Genus Dianella; Striking Cuttings in Water; Favourite Vines
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.28 - December 2002

  • On the Brink - 4: (Australian Plants at Risk) Prostanthera teretifolia
  • Alyogyne: An Update. Attractive but often neglected members of the Hibiscus family.
  • Australian Plants in Seattle. A challenge for growers in America's Pacific north west
  • Montgomery Yellows? Is this further evidence of chemical poisoning as a cause of Mundulla Yellows?
  • Some observations on Blandfordia (Christmas Bells)
  • Temperate Area Eucalypts
  • Developing Australian Plants for Commercial Horticulture
  • Short Cuts - Basic Propagation from Seed; When is a Plant a Weed.....and when is it a useful volunteer?? Growing Sturt's Desert Pea; More Growing Sturt's Desert Pea; Happiness is a Hibbertia; The Family Malvaceae
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.27 - September 2002

  • On the Brink - 3: (Australian Plants at Risk) Isopogon fletcheri
  • Dodonaea - The Hop Bush. Unusual and often colourful fruits make this genus a worthy addition to the native garden.
  • Australian Cultivar Registration Authority: What is the ACRA and what does it do?
  • Growing Eremophilas in the Dandenongs
  • Understanding the System of Botanical Plant Names
  • Mundulla Yellows - A Simple Case of Poisoning? Is overuse of herbicides the cause of this debilitating plant disease?
  • A Few Proven Magnets. Some personal experiences in attracting birds and other wildlife to the garden.
  • Short Cuts - Growing Orchids in the Garden; Bonsai with Australian Native Plants; Three Myoporums; Spring at the Burrendong Arboretum; The Eucalypt Wars - Part IV; Our Native Cherry
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.26 - June 2002

  • On the Brink - 2: (Australian Plants at Risk) Agapites meiniana
  • History of Botanical Nomenclature - Just how did those confusing botanical names come about??
  • Plant Breeders Rights: An Australian Native Plant Perspective
  • Australian Cordylines - The exotic Cordyline australis is a popular garden subject, but what about the Australian species?
  • Grafted Hakea - How to grow the spectacular western hakeas in unhelpful climates.
  • Hang 'em High! - Growing Australian plants in hanging baskets
  • A Fern which Changed Australian History - The role of nardoo in the fate of explorers Burke and Wills.
  • Short Cuts - Grafting Geraldton Wax; Low Rainfall/Drought in Australian Garden Design; The Intimate Relationship Between Plants and Animals; Propagation of Grevilleas by Grafting; Biodiversity Revisited (when is there too much of a good thing!?); The Ranunculus Family
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.25 - March 2002

  • On the Brink - 1: (Australian Plants at Risk) Homoranthus porteri
  • Ellis Stones: Landscape Architect
  • The Mighty Canthium - A genus that deserves to be better known
  • Edible Acacias
  • Bark - The textures and colours of bark are often overlooked in landscape planning
  • Our Wild Foods to the World
  • The National Botanic Gardens of Wales - with a surprisingly large collection of Australian plants
  • Short Cuts - 19th Century Skullduggery!!; Gymea Silly; Rare Eucalypts at Burrendong Arboretum; Our Magnificent Swamp Orchids; Increasing the Variety of Birds in the Garden; The Genus Regelia
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.24 - December 2001

  • Favourites 7: Payne's Thryptomeme
  • The Propagation of Banksia
  • When is a Baeckea not a Baeckea? - Name changes and new species
  • Eremophila and Pollinators
  • Review of the Promotive Effects of Smoke on Seed Dormancy
  • The Passage of Fire - Adaptations to fire in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales
  • Correa - Wild Fuchsia
  • Short Cuts - Plants' Adaptation to Drought; Growing Epacris in Containers; Germination of Epacrls Seeds using Plant-derived Smoke, Darkness and Heat; Olearia - The Daisy Bush; Grafting Eremophila; The Red Wattle
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.23 - September 2001

  • Favourites 6: Grevilleas....Lots of them!!
  • Propagating Boronia
  • Starting out with Native Orchids
  • A Heathland Ramble - "Gardening Australia" visits south-east Queensland's wallum
  • Use of Native Grasses in Landscaping
  • South West Cape Range, Tasmania
  • Local Wildlife and Plants at Home in the Suburban Garden
  • Short Cuts - Eucalypt Seeds; Propagation of Prostrate Acacias; Paws to Burn! A Hitchhiker's Guide to Correa reflexa; Some Low Maintenance Thoughts; The Hop Bitter Pea - Daviesia latifolia
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.22 - June 2001

  • Favourites 5: Wahlenbergia stricta - Tall bluebell
  • Queensland Raspberries...Australian members of the genus Rubus
  • Eremophila: The Emu Bush.
  • A Mid-winter's Patch - Plants to brighten up the cold, dank days of winter!
  • Landscapes of South-west Western Australia - Why is the west the way it is?
  • Water Conservation in the Garden.
  • Cultivation Shock....or "Fire and Ice"! - Successes and failures with Grevillea in a harsh climate.
  • Short Cuts - What's a karkella? Outwitting the Local Kangaroos; A Spectacular Persoonia; Smoked Vermiculite; What's Behind that Name??; Unlocking the Secrets of Flannel Flowers
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.21 - March 2001

  • Favourites 4: Telopea speciosissima - Waratah
  • A Trip to the South-West - Making a pilgrimage to the "Wildflower State".
  • Growing Callistemon from Seed.
  • Growing Calytrix - With more than 70 species, why aren't Calytrix seen more often in cultivation?
  • My Favourite Rainforest Plants for Containers
  • Rotten Cheesefruit?...or Great Morinda?? The much maligned "cheese fruit".
  • In Honour of Ferdinand Bauer - The story of the botanical illustrator commemorated in the genus Bauera
  • Short Cuts - Alyogyne huegelii, an attractive Australian hibiscus; One of the Toughest, Lomandra multiflora; Death of a Eucalypt; Growing Rainforest Vines; Candles in the Wind, Banksia ericifolia; To Prune or not to Prune?
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.20 - December 2000

  • Favourites 3: Hardenbergia violacea - Native or False Sarsaparilla
  • Christmas Trees - Australian native plants that are at their best at this time of year
  • Sir Thomas' Plants - Retracing the journey of Sir Thomas Mitchell in central Queensland
  • Glyphosate and Cancer - Is there a link??? The evidence is conflicting.
  • Poor Relations.... Often overlooked members of the Boronia family
  • Direct Seeding of Native Vegetation to Achieve Biological Diversity
  • The Australian Aquatic Garden
  • Short Cuts - Grevillea baileyana; Why grow native plants in pots anyway?; Growing Orchids from Seed; The Three "R"s of Garden Design; Propagating from Cuttings; Magic Moments - unexpected delights in a native garden.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.19 - September 2000

  • Favourites 2: Sturt's desert pea in the UK....we're kidding, right??? Wrong!
  • Australia's Native Orchids - The best epiphytic and terrestrial species for southern Australia.
  • Textures and Forms of Australian Plants.
  • Corymbia, Corymbia......wherefore art thou Corymbia? Lumping or splitting the eucalypts??
  • In Appreciation of the Common Black Wattle.
  • Adenanthos.......a member of the Protea family.
  • Birdscaping....and the 'Birds in Backyards' Project
  • Short Cuts - Bartle Frere Oak; The Pricelessness of Kangaroo Grass; Koalas and Eucalypts; Eremophila Seed Trials; How Not to Grow Eucalyptus caesia; Fertilising Australian Native Plants.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.18 - June 2000

  • Favourites 1: Banksia spinulosa, the Hairpin Banksia.
  • Back to the Future - Where Now for Bush Foods?
  • Restoring Habitat through Revegetation: Following the "Three Rs"....Retention, Restoration, Revegetation
  • An Introduction to Trigger Plants
  • Rejuvenating an Old Garden: Time to re-plan, re-plant and rejuvenate.
  • The Adaptable and Rewarding Crowea.
  • Plants of the Newnes Plateau
  • Short Cuts - Exocarpos cupressiformis; Observations on Grevillea wilkinsonii; Needs Good Drainage!!!; Serendipity in Australian Garden Design; Propagation of Hakea; Growing Billardiera.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.17 - March 2000

  • Getting Started 8: Potted Plants
  • Using Indigenous Plants to Conserve Indigenous Fauna
  • An Experience with Macadamia; Growing Macadamia in central Florida
  • Birds in the Autumn Garden
  • Between Jerusalem and the Acropolis; Walking in Tasmania's south-west
  • Paws for Reflection! Growing kangaroo paws.
  • Growing Rainforest Plants
  • Short Cuts - Firewheel Tree (Stenocarpus sinuatus).....Coastal Update....Burdekin Plum (Pleiogynium timoriense)....Winter Colour....Lechenaultia formosa.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.16 - December 1999

  • Getting Started 7: Watering.
  • Shrubby Myrtles; There's more to the myrtle family than bottlebrushes and tea trees!
  • Weeds - The Silent Invaders.
  • Acacia - An Introduction.
  • Coastal Sandplain and Heathland Plants of Western Australia; Holly-leaved Banksia - Banksia ilicifolia.
  • Mulga - Acacia aneura - A widespread and very useful wattle of central Australia.
  • Epacrids from Cuttings - Propagating the Australian "heaths".
  • Short Cuts - Bush Tucker, Bunya Nuts.....Grevillea australis - Southern or Alpine Grevillea.....Successful Persoonia germination.....Goodia: No Seed; No Name.....Lace Flower - Melaleuca thymifolia.....Our Parasitic Plants
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.15 - September 1999

  • Getting Started 6: Planting Out.
  • Plants, Animals and Sex!...The X-rated activities that go on in the hidden parts of your garden
  • Understanding Soils and Nutrients - Part 3.
  • The Weeping Emu Bush; Eremophila longifolia.
  • Cultivation of Dryandra
  • Hidden Treasures....a personal view. A brief history of evolution and utilization of the Australian flora
  • The Blooming Lilly Pilly;
  • Short Cuts - The Ingnitability of Leaves of Australian Plants.....Two Rare New South Wales' Grevilleas.....The Leaning Trees of Greenough.....Fireweed; a Spreading Pest of Eastern Australia.....Mountain Devils.....Positive Pavonia
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.14 - June 1999

  • Getting Started 5: Potting On.
  • Gardening for Butterflies.
  • Understanding Soils and Nutrients - Part 2.
  • Dead Finish; Acacia tetragonaphylla.
  • Coastal Sandplain and Heathland Plants of Western Australia: The marri - Corymbia calophylla.
  • Will the Waratah Ever Fulfil its Potential?
  • Spreading the Genes - The tricks that plants use in seed dispersal.
  • Short Cuts - My Battle with Clematis aristata....My Dad's Bunya Pine....Pultenaea from Cuttings....The Magnificent Tree Waratah....Wattle Day - a Short History.....Trees and Tags.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.13 - March 1999

  • Getting Started 4: Propagation from Cuttings.
  • The Evolution of the Myrtle Family in Australia.
  • Understanding Soils and Nutrients - Part 1.
  • A Name Change for Most Eriostemons.
  • On the Nose - A Perfumed Garden...fragrance comes in many flavours
  • A Garden and a Puff of Salt Air...gardening in coastal areas.
  • Eremophilas in San Diego
  • Short Cuts - Cuttings in the Cold....Tiliqua scincoides (Blue-tongue lizard) in my Garden....Growing Ferns from Spore...Buckinhamia; the Ivory Curl Tree....The Unique Kangaroo Paws....Plant Death in Pots.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.12 - December 1998

  • Getting Started 3: Growing from Seed.
  • Growing Tropical Australian Rainforest to establish your own rainforest.
  • Bush Food Species for Temperate Regions.
  • The Naming Game...plant names often contain a hidden story.
  • Australian Plants and Essential Oils. What is the basis for the aromatic fragrance of the foliage of many plants?
  • The Nurseryperson and You...a nurseryman looks at recent trends and relationships with the customer.
  • Blandfordia in History. The early cultivation of "Christmas Bells" in Europe.
  • Short Cuts - Direct Tree Seeding...The Value of a Tree...Will the REAL Callistemon "Captain Cook" Please Stand Up?...After the Virus; the impact of Rabbit Calicivirus (RCV)...Beaufortia and the Duchess of Beaufort...A Remarkable Red Wattle.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.11 - September 1998

  • Getting Started 2: The Soil - Part 2 in our series about the basics.
  • Australian Plants in Their Own Garden - Bush Tales from the northern Flinders Ranges..
  • Tissue Culture of Grevillea Species at Mt Annan Botanic Garden - Tissue culture is an important technique for conservation of endangered species.
  • Leptospermum - Tea trees are well known but relatively few are grown in gardens.
  • Attracting Native Birds into Your Garden - A garden filled with birds is just a matter of correct planting.
  • The Romance of Haloragodendron lucasii - A rare plant rediscovered in suburban Sydney.
  • Butterfly Mania - Why would you want to encourage insects that eat your plants? Lots of reasons....
  • Short Cuts - Ants: Good or Not-so-good in the Bush?; Symphionema; The Orchid Which Catches Stingless Bees; Hibbertia; Pruning Australian Native Plants; Sheer Exhilaration! Growing Sturt's Desert Pea.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.10 - June 1998

  • Getting Started 1: Myths and Fables - A new series about the basics.
  • Growing Darwinia - Grafting holds the key to successful growing of these spectacular plants.
  • Flowers.....Who Needs em?!!! - There's more to an interesting Australian garden than colourful flowers.
  • Commercial Propagation of Australian Wildflowers.
  • Associations Among Plants, Birds and Insects - How these relationships can effect back-yard ecology.
  • Blue Mountains Wilderness - A journey into the rugged country of the Coxs and Kowmung Rivers.
  • Aboriginal Uses of Plants Around Sydney - Plant species used for food, tools and medicines
  • Short Cuts - Growing Ptilotus in Sydney; Junk Food Kills Birds; An Unusual Propagation Method; Coppice Gardening - Adopting An Old Forestry Practice; Germinating Seeds in Plastic Bags; Wallabies at the Bottom of the Garden
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.9 - March 1998

  • Floral Emblems - Eucalyptus globulus (Tasmania).
  • Australian Climbing Plants - What goes up.......usually stays there!
  • Medicinal Properties and Bush Foods of eucalypts - Eucalypts have proved highly valuable to both aborigines and European settlers.
  • A Protean Garden in California - Australian and South African plants flourish far from home.
  • An Introduction to Ferns - Some hardy ferns for cultivation, indoors and outside.
  • A Short History of Grevillea cultivation in England - Grevilleas were introduced in the "old dart" as early as 1792!
  • Using Spaces and Styles in Overall Garden Design - How to achieve a practical and spacious landscape
  • Short Cuts - Mycorrhizas in native flora; Growing grasses; The Wee Jasper Grevillea; Autumn - a time to rejuvenate the garden; The Ranunculus family in OZ; The genus Lomatia
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.8 - December 1997

  • Floral Emblems - Wahlenbergia gloriosa (Australian Capital Territory).
  • A Simple Botany of Wattles - the characteristics of the genus Acacia.
  • The Flowering Sands - Flora of the "Wallum" (coastal heath).
  • Bunya Feast - Bunya pines produce a bountiful harvest.
  • Phosphorus Needs of Australian Plants - Removing the uncertainty regarding phosphorus toxicity.
  • Re-establishing Local Bushland in Suburban Melbourne.
  • Dyeing with Eucalypts - Adding colour to wool.....
  • Short Cuts - Growing plants from seed; Plant nomenclature; Getting the priorities right; Hakea trineura - a geographical oddity; Around the "S" bend; Growing grass trees.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.7 - September 1997

  • Floral Emblems - Anigozanthos manglesii (Western Australia).
  • The Quandong (Santalum acuminatum) - a desert plant with a big future.
  • Meeting the challenge of propagating the Quandong.
  • Australian plants as weeds at home and abroad.
  • Australian Native Poisonous Plants.
  • Protecting and creating habitat in bushland and local parks and gardens.
  • Australian Hibiscus (and relatives) in pots.
  • Short Cuts - From tree to seed; Tea tree oil; The "Bog Method" for germinating seed; Viruses and orchids; Eremophila racemosa - Back from the brink; Eight ways to kill cuttings.
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.6 - June 1997

  • Floral Emblems - Gossypium sturtianum (Northern Territory)
  • Grey and Silver Plants in the Australian Garden
  • Australian Plants in California
  • Australian Plants for Bonsai
  • Gardening by Computer
  • Germination Trials with Eremophila species
  • Growing Callistemons in Large Pots
  • Short Cuts - Growing dendrobiums; Vegetative propagation of eucalypts; Striking cuttings in winter; Australian plants and the senses; Botanical terminology; Preventing disease in potting mixes
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.5 - March 1997

  • Floral Emblems - Telopea speciossissima (New South Wales)
  • Grow your own Rainforest
  • Capricornia Cuisine - Bush Tucker in Central Queensland
  • Revegetating for Habitat in Parks, Gardens and Roadsides
  • Pests and Diseases of Australian Plants
  • Australian Proteaceae in Pots
  • Starlight's Banksia - A new Banksia for eastern Australia
  • Short Cuts - Pasteurised cutting/potting mix; Pruning to rejuvenate; The white waratah; The blueberry ash; Propagation of ferns; Trigger plants
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.4 - December 1996

  • Floral Emblems - Epacris impressa (Victoria)
  • Cultivation and Propagation of Boronia and itsRelatives
  • Australian Plants as Cut Flowers
  • Small-growing Eucalypts
  • Correas and Birds
  • Bringing Back the Bush
  • Three (More) Rogue Aussies!
  • Short Cuts - Macro Results - Micro Method!; Grevillea rara Surfaces Again!; The Protean Legend (More or Less....); A Frog - friendly Garden; How Does One Sharpen Sand?; Potting on Seedlings
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.3 - September 1996

  • Floral Emblems - Dendrobium bigibbum (Queensland)
  • The Impact of Fire - An Historical Perspective
  • Planning for All-Year Colour
  • Views of the Australian Flora - The First Settlers
  • Rediscovery of Grevillea batrachioides
  • Murphy's Laws of Gardening
  • The Golden Everlasting - Bracteantha bracteata
  • Short Cuts - Spirited Plants; Dusky - The Runaway Coral Pea;Growing Rhododendron lochiae; A Spider in the Rain Gauge; Cuttings and Myths
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.2 - June 1996

  • Floral Emblems - Swainsona formosa (South Australia)
  • Fragrant Australian Plants
  • Tower Hill - Large Scale Revegetation in Victoria
  • Early English Views of the Australian Flora
  • Rediscovery of Grevillea williamsonii
  • Corymbia - New Genus in the Eucalypts
  • Use of Smoke for Germination
  • Short Cuts - Smoke Treatment for Baeckea behrii; Nardoo Sporocarps; Banksias, Sand and Superphosphate; Underground Orchid Found; Simple Propagation in Water
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

Contents of Issue No.1 - March 1996

  • Floral Emblems - Acacia pycnantha (Australia)
  • Flannel Flowers
  • Phosphorus and Iron Nutrition
  • Early Dutch Views of the Australian Flora
  • A Different View of Plant Pests
  • Australian Plants in California
  • Grafting Mint Bushes
  • Short Cuts - Grevilleas from Seed; History of Callistemon Cultivation; Legionnaire's Disease; Seed Treatment for "Pea"-Type Plants; Ethics of Non-Indigenous Plants
  • Departments - Mailbox; Web Links; Reviews; etc.

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