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What native plants grow in clay?

6 May 2024

Clay is a great soil to have in your native garden – it’s full of nutrients and retains water. BUT, not all natives like it! In fact, most plant labels…

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Beautiful banksias for your east coast garden

4 April 2024

Love beautiful banksias, but no room in your east coast garden for the iconic Banksia integrifolia, Coast Banksia? It can grow to 15 metres Well, never fear. New cultivars of…

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Australian brush-turkey: unwelcome guest or ecosystem engineer?

25 March 2024

Many east coast city dwellers may wonder whether the Australian brush-turkey is an unwelcome guest or an ecosystem engineer. But the very thing that annoys people may be an ecological…

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Stunning NSW South Coast gardens

23 March 2024

A group of native plant enthusiasts from Canberra visited a number of stunning NSW South Coast gardens. Here is a rundown of the itinerary and the gardens visited. Starting at…

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Two useful and attractive groundcovers

23 March 2024

In southeast Queensland successfully growing small dense ground covering plants can be a hit and miss situation. However here are two groundcovers that have proved to be useful and attractive.…

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