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Focal points in native gardens

1 March 2024

Using focal points in native gardens adds interest, just as it has in any garden through the ages. Emerging vision for our native gardens On our gardening pilgrimage towards our…

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Lomandras in native garden design

29 February 2024

Lomandras are excellent plants to use in native garden design. Wide variety of lomandras on offer With a range of sizes and forms, foliage colours and textures, interesting flowers and…

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Creating a native cottage garden

28 February 2024

Have you ever wondered how to go about creating a cottage garden with native plants? The idea of a cosy cottage garden, with herbaceous borders of annuals and perennials against…

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Stunning native rooftop garden

26 February 2024

Imagine a rooftop garden full of stunning native plants, blowing in the breeze – it’s magic! Commitment to sustainability Back in 2019, the Mirvac team, Didi Stigter and Victoria Stiles,…

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Foliage for colour and texture and form

24 February 2024

Given flowering can be fleeting, we can look to stunning foliage in our native plants, for colour and texture and form. Flowers are a bonus, so go with foliage It’s…

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