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Australian brush-turkey: unwelcome guest or ecosystem engineer?

25 March 2024

Many east coast city dwellers may wonder whether the Australian brush-turkey is an unwelcome guest or an ecosystem engineer. But the very thing that annoys people may be an ecological…

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Celebrating Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens

1 March 2024

After 20 years, a small group are celebrating the establishment of the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens. SGAP (Australian Native Plants Society) Mackay has a vision! A dedicated local community group…

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Naturalising Melbourne’s waterways

20 February 2024

The ‘Reimagine Your Creek’ project focuses on naturalising Melbourne’s waterways. Naturalisation is a growing initiative in contemporary urban planning. It has the potential to deliver better outcomes to our waterways…

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Centennial Parklands – an oasis in the heart of Sydney

13 February 2024

Centennial Parklands is an oasis in the heart of Sydney. Located in the eastern suburbs, it acts as the ‘lungs’ of Sydney. Standing on Gadigal land, it was originally a…

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Native gardens for courtyards and small spaces

28 January 2024

Smaller houses – smaller gardens In the inner-suburban areas of most Australian cities, higher density housing is replacing the original single houses on large lots.  This has imposed significant impacts…

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