A garden inspired by the site

Over the last 20 years, we have created a garden, inspired by the site. We are now bound to the site in ways we would never have thought possible. Where we began Our garden of about one hectare is part of a 21 ha property bought in 1997. It was denuded farmland above Port Elliot … Continued

A Mediterranean garden in South Australia

I am enjoying growing a Mediterranean garden in Moonta Bay, in South Australia. Distinct seasons in a Mediterranean climate A garden in a Mediterranean climate is fun because the seasons are distinct and interesting. They are generally not too harsh to restrict what can be grown. We have wet mild winters, rarely a frost and … Continued

Creating a thriving Mediterranean garden

I am creating a thriving Mediterranean garden in Western Australia. The key is to garden with nature. Living in a Mediterranean climate I live and garden in Kojonup, Western Australia, which is 256 kilometres south-east of Perth. We have an average rainfall of 500mm per year, that occurs normally in the winter months. No rain … Continued

Creating microclimates in a Mediterranean garden

Here is how I am creating multiple microclimates in my small Mediterranean garden. My garden is a coastal garden in City Beach, a beachside suburb of Perth in Western Australia. These include: sandplain Kwongan heath, coastal sand dunes, Great Southern forest, banksia woodland, rainforest and wetland. Gaia principle on a microscale Gaia was the goddess of … Continued