A sustainable collector’s garden

On one hectare, Dennis and Jan have created a sustainable collector’s garden of native plants. Establishing the garden for sustainability Dennis Cox and Jan Glazebrook established their Logan Village garden in 1992. Logan Village is a semi-rural village 45 km south of Brisbane CBD. A dramatic Jurassic sandstone conglomerate outcrop sweeps decoratively across the one … Continued

Explore an enchanted paperbark forest

Come and explore with me an enchanted paperbark forest. This is nature’s handiwork at its best, a garden like no other! I want to share this walk with you, through the magical environment in Central Queensland. It is located near Agnes Waters and the Town of Seventeen Seventy. Seventeen Seventy is a coastal town in … Continued

Naturalising Melbourne’s waterways

The ‘Reimagine Your Creek’ project focuses on naturalising Melbourne’s waterways. Naturalisation is a growing initiative in contemporary urban planning. It has the potential to deliver better outcomes to our waterways than just drainage alone. As opposed to restoration, naturalisation is a pragmatic approach to return natural systems and experiences to our landscapes, within the constraints … Continued

Gardens designed with nature

Gardens designed with nature are critical to our health and wellbeing, as well as supporting that of the planet. Most of us have access to nature in a modified form in their own home gardens (although this is rapidly decreasing with lot sizes!) but also in most of the public parks and gardens of the … Continued

Weather is the wildcard for gardeners

Reflecting on the many impacts on both garden design and maintenance, Chris Larkin relates her experience that weather is always the wildcard for gardeners. This is irrespective of the garden’s location or the seasons. Chris outlines a few of the most important issues she learnt from observing nature and if applied will help make your … Continued

Where eagles drift – Part 1 – 2008

This article is part of a two part series – this one was written in 2008 and the second in 2024. See Part 2 for the 2024 update here. Our property ‘Eagles Drift’ is situated in the Upper Hunter Valley at the junction of the Goulburn and Krui Rivers. When my husband and I moved … Continued

Where eagles drift – Part 2 – 2024

This article is part of a two part series – the first written in 2008 is Part 1 and the second is this one, written in 2024. See Part 1 here. Here we are in 2024.   So many years have passed since I felt spurred on to write an article for ‘Garden Design Study Group’.   … Continued

Why grow an indigenous native garden

I’m a landscape designer with a passion for designing eco-friendly gardens in visual harmony with the natural landscape. This article is about why you should grow an indigenous native garden. There are five problems facing gardeners and growers today. Many of these can be addressed by using indigenous species to solve them. Indigenous plants are … Continued