Membership of the Acacia Study Group is available to members of an ANPSA-affiliated Regional Society. If you are not a member of a Regional Society, please contact the Society located in your State or Territory for further information.

For more information or to join please send a request using the following form (please note that all fields are mandatory* – you may edit the ‘Message’ field if necessary).

Acacia Study Group Form

Signup form for the Acacia Study Group that sends a notification to the Study Group leader.


Regular newsletters are published several times per year to record activities and experiences of Group members in cultivating acacias, keeping up to date on scientific knowledge of the genus and reporting on field trips to various parts of Australia.

Almost all of the newsletters that have been published by the Group since its formation in 1961 are provided here as an archive, although the six missing issues in the First Series are believed to have been lost.

(Note: Newsletters are in pdf format and will require a PDF Reader to view them. Free readers include Foxit Reader and Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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Acacia Plant Profiles

Profiles of a number of Acacia species have been incorporated into the Acacia section of the website, which can be found under ‘Plant Guides > Common Plant Genera and Families’ . Each profile includes a photograph and information on natural distribution, taxonomy, cultivation and propagation.

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The Acacia section of the website also covers the characteristics, cultivation and propagation of acacias generally, and include references to other relevant resources.

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Acacia Resources

These are a few internet and other resources on Acacia that might prove useful, including links to:

  • WATTLE ver 2.2 – an interactive, web-based plant identification system.
  • World Wide Wattle – authoritative information relating to species of Acacia worldwide.
  • Wattle Web – a guide to acacias of New South Wales.


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Several issues of the Society’s journal “Australian Plants” are particularly useful for those interested in Acacia.

  • Vol 10, No.82 March 1980; Microwave treatment of Acacia seed.
  • Vol 11, No.91 June 1982; Wattles of the Grampians.
  • Vol 14, No.114 March 1988; Outline of characteristics of Acacia.
  • Vol 17, No.134 March 1993; Top End wattles for gardens.
  • Vol 18, No.147 June 1986; Vegetative propagation of wattles.
  • Vol 21, No.169 December 2001; Acacia leprosa ‘Scarlet