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While membership benefits may vary slightly between the different State and Territory-based Member Societies, as a member you can expect to…

  • Learn more about Australian Plants.
  • Receive helpful information and advice on growing Australian native plants.
  • Be actively supporting the preservation and conservation of Australia’s unique flora.
  • Have access to District Groups and Study Groups.
  • Be entitled to attend Regional meetings to hear expert speakers from all parts of Australia.
  • Have access to a free “Seed Bank” (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australian and Victorian Regions only).
  • Receive quarterly issues of an informative Regional newsletter and the full colour journal “Australian Plants” (additional subscription with some Regions).

Joining the Society

Because of the structure of the Society as eight independent Member Societies, there is no single national body that individuals can join. This is not normally a problem for Australian residents who will find their needs met by joining the Member Society which operates in the state or territory where they reside. Overseas residents can decide on the appropriate Society for their needs by comparing the Features and Services for each Member Society.

How to join

  1. Select the Member Society that you are interested in from the list below. This will take you to the membership section of the website for that Society.
  2. Follow the instructions that you will find there.

If you experience any problems, please contact the Society.