General Description:

A.macradenia is a spreading shrub or small tree 3-5 metres x 3-4 metres with pendulous zig zagging angular branches. The foliage consists of smooth, curved green phyllodes with prominent margins and a midvein and sharp, persistent stipules at the base. Phyllodes are 13-25 cm x 1.0-2.5 cm with a large, elongated gland near the base and often one or two smaller glands along the top margin. New growth is often reddish.

The large, bright yellow ball flowers occur in winter and spring and are followed by clusters of dark brown, smooth pods, raised over the seeds alternately and narrowed between the seeds.

Zig-zag wattle is a very showy species which flowers in profusion if conditions are right. It seems to require a cold period (or perhaps an extended cold period) to encourage flowering in warmer coastal regions.

Propagation is usually carried out from seed.


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Acacia macradenia
Photo: Keith Townsend


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