General Description:

Acacia pyrifolia is a prickly shrub to about 4 metres with short spines arising from the stem junctions. The foliage is blue-green, pear shaped to about 7.5 cm long with wavy margins and tapering to a sharp point.

The bright yellow flower clusters are globular in shape and are produced on short stalks in long racemes of about 12 flower clusters. Flowers usually occur in winter through to mid spring. The flowers are followed by curved, flat seed pods about 8 cm long.

A.pyrifolia is suited to tropical and inland areas and is spectacular in flower. It is not widely cultivated but should require well drained soils in full sun.

Propagation is relatively easy by normal seed raising methods following pretreatment by soaking in boiling water or by scarification.


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Acacia pyrifolia
Photo: Keith Townsend


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