General Description:

Chloanthes is a small genus of four species, all occurring only in Australia.  They are small shrubs with fine hairy foliage and flowers occurring in the leaf axils.

Chloanthes stoechadis is a shrub, usually less than a metre in height.  The linear leaves have a distinctive, wrinkled appearance and are up to 50 mm long with revolute margins. The greenish-yellow flowers are about 30 to 40 mm long and occur singly from the upper leaf axils. Because of their colour they can be unobtrusive.  Flowers are seen mainly in winter and early spring but can sometimes be observed at other times of the year.

Chloanthes stoechadis is rarely seen in cultivation, possibly due to its somewhat inconspicuous flowers.  However, the unusual foliage would make it an interesting garden subject. It is likely to require a well drained, sheltered position with assured moisture.

Details of propagation of this species are sketchy at best.  Seed is unlikely to be available but as many other members of the Lamiaceae strike well from cuttings, this may also be successful for Chloanthes.


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Chloanthes stoechadis
Photo: Jill Dark

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