General Description:

Chrysocephalum is a genus of six species all of which were formerly classified under other genera (Helichrysum, Helipterum and Leptorhynchos). Chrysocephalum baxteri was previously known as Helichrysum baxteri.

Chrysocephalum baxteri is a low growing, perennial species up to about 0.3 metres high by a similar width. The leaves are linear, silvery-green and up to 25 mm long with woolly hairs giving a silvery appearance on the undersurface. The flower heads occur singly at the ends of the stems and are 20 – 40 mm in diameter with yellow centres surrounded by white bracts. Flowers occur over a long period between spring and early autumn.

This species has been in cultivation for many years and prefers a sunny position in well drained, moist soils. Plants may become untidy after a few years but the appearance is improved by cutting back after flowering. The flowers are long lasting.

Propagation from seed can be carried out without any pretreatment but cuttings usually give more reliable results.


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Chrysocephalum baxteri
Photo: Australian Daisy Study Group


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