General Description:

Ewartia is a small genus in the daisy family – there are 4 Australian species and another one which is found in New Zealand. All occur at high altitudes.

Ewartia meredithiae is a prostrate or cushion-shaped shrub which spreads to about 1 metre in diameter by forming roots at various points along the prostrate branches. The silvery-grey leaves are broadly oval shaped to about 10 mm long with rusty coloured hairs. The small, white flower heads occur at the ends of the branches in summer.

Ewartias are rarely cultivated as they are not suited to the lowland climates of most urban areas. Ewartia meredithiae is no exception and it is not seen in general cultivation. It may be successful in cold climates at higher altitudes in moist, well drained soils in full sun.

Seed is virtually unavailable and germination requirements are unknown. It is reported that cuttings strike reasonably well. Plants can also be propagated by layering or by division (cutting of small sections of stems containing roots.


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Ewartia meredithiae
Photo: Harry Loots


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