General Description:

Lagenophora is a genus of about 18 species that are found in South-east Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Central and South America.  Seven species occur in Australia. They are small annual or perennial herbs.

Lagenophora stipitata is an herbaceous perennial plant which spreads from underground stems.  The plant has a basal rosette of oval-shaped leaves up to 15 cm long by 20 cm wide with toothed margins.  The daisy flowerheads occur on a slender stalk about 20 cm long with ray florets (the “petals”) that may be white, mauve or pink surrounding a yellowish centre. Flowering is usually from late spring to late summer.

Although not often cultivated, L. stipitata would be an attractive garden plant for a moist, well drained position in a sunny or lightly shaded location. It is tolerant of at least moderate frost.

Propagation is best from seed which is reported to germinate easily.


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Lagenophora stipitata
Photo: Jill Dark

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