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Ranunculus is a cosmopolitan genus of 400-500 species with about 47 species native to Australia. They may be annuals or perennials usually with shiny-yellow flowers and are known as “buttercups”. R.asiaticus and its hybrids (a native of the Asian region) is a commonly cultivated garden annual in many parts of the world including Australia.

Ranunculus graniticola occurs in grasslands and sphagnum bogs above 1000 metres. It is a small, perennial species, forming a rosette of divided leaves from which its yellow “buttercup”-type flowers arise on 20-30 cm stems in late spring and summer. The flowers are relatively large being up to 35 mm diameter with 5 to 8 petals.

This species is not often cultivated but it is well suited to temperate climates provided ample moisture is available during hot periods. It is best grown in a sunny, open position where it will not be crowded by more vigourous plants. It is not suited to sub-tropical and tropical areas except at higher altitudes.

Propagation can be carried out from seed (without pretreatment), cuttings or by division of established plants.


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Ranunculus graniticola
Photo: Brian Walters


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