General Description:

Celmisia is a genus of about 80 species of perennial herbs or small shrubs.  Most occur naturally in New Zealand but there are 9 species native to eastern Australia.

Celmisia longifolia is a small, herbaceous plant with linear to lance-shaped leaves about 20 cm long arising from a basal rosette.  The white or pink, yellow-centred daisy flowers are held on stalks that extend beyond the foliage. They are 20-30 mm in diameter and are seen in the summer months.

Although not often cultivated, C.longiflora would be an attractive garden plant for a moist, well drained position in full sun or light shade. It may perform best if grown in a container.

Propagation can be carried out from fresh seed or by division of established clumps.


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Celmisia longifolia
Photo: Jill Dark

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