General Description:

Melaleuca nodosa is a hardy shrub for a variety of climates but it has not received wide cultivation. The species often has an untidy habit of growth which may have hindered its acceptance in general horticulture. The species is worthy of wider cultivation by selection of forms with an attractive growth habit and colourful flowers.

The species forms a medium to large shrub from 1.5 to 3 metres in height. The flowers occur in globular shaped clusters on the older stems and are cream to bright yellow in colour. The flowers are followed by globular seed capsules. Leaves are linear in shape with a slightly sharp point at the tips. They are about 25 mm long.

M.nodosa has proven to be adaptable over a wide range of climates and will tolerate less than perfect drainage. However, best performance is achieved under conditions of good drainage with assured moisture. Flowering is best in sunny positions but the species will tolerate shade with reduced flowering. The species responds to annual fertilising after flowering and to an annual light pruning to encourage a bushy shape.

Propagation is easy from both seed and cuttings.


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Melaleuca nodosa
Photo: Brian Walters


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