General Description:

Podolepis is an endemic genus of about 18 species occurring in all Australian states and territories.  They are small annual or perennial herbs.

Podolepis hieracioides is an herbaceous annual or perennial plant to about 70 cm high with linear to lance-shaped leaves about 13 cm long.  It has elliptical, basal leaves about 16 cm long by 3-4 cm wide. The yellow daisy flowers are held on stalks that extend beyond the foliage. They are 15-20 mm in diameter and are seen in late spring to summer.

Although not often cultivated, P. hieracioides would be an attractive garden plant for a moist, well drained position in a sunny or lightly shaded location. It is tolerant of at least moderate frost.

Propagation is best from seed which is reported to germinate easily.


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Podolepis hieracioides
Photo: Jill Dark

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