General Description:

Correa is a genus of about 11 species although there are many forms which are difficult to allocate to any particular species. Botanical revision of the genus is warranted. They are mainly restricted to the eastern states although C.reflexa has a recorded occurrence in the east of Western Australia.

Correa ‘Ivory Bells’ originated in San Francisco, USA and is believed to be a hybrid of Correa alba and C.backhousiana.

Correa ‘Ivory Bells’ is a small shrub which may reach 1.5 metres in height by a similar width. The leaves are oval-shaped up to 30 mm x 20 mm wide and greyish green in colour with a hairy undersurface. The cream flowers are bell-shaped and about 25 mm long. The bells are comprised of 4 petals fused together into a tube. Flowering occurs in winter and spring.

This cultivar has proven to be very hardy under cultivation, particularly in moist, well drained soils in a protected position. However, it will tolerate full sun and extended dry periods once established. In common with most correas, C. ‘Ivory Bells’ is attractive to honey eating birds.

Propagation is difficult from seed but, in any event, seed should be avoided as it is unlikely to produce plants identical to the parent. Propagation from cuttings usually presents no difficulty.


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Correa ‘Ivory Bells’
Photo: Brian Walters


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