2019 Biennial Conference

Albany, Western Australia, September/October 2019. See the 2019 Conference website for full details of program and tours.
*** Registrations close on September 16 ***

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Welcome to the home page for the Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) - formerly known as the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP). We have been growing and promoting Australian Plants since 1957.

If you are interested in the cultivation, propagation, conservation and appreciation of Australia's native flora, we hope you will spend some time here.

Joining the Society

The membership of the Society consists of people of all ages with broad and varying interests and backgrounds.

Whether you are interested in learning about the growing, conservation or simple appreciation of the unique Australian flora, or you would just like to support the Society's ongoing activities, you will find many advantages in becoming a member.


Guides to Australian Native Plants

Interested in propagation, cultivation and conservation of Australia's flora? Our extensive guides cover a wide range of topics such as:

  • Plant Genera and Families, including Acacia, Banksia, Grevillea, the Boronia family, waratahs and many more.
  • Specialist native plant nurseries and seed suppliers.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Australian Plants.
  • Information on native garden design, plants at risk, plants for fire-prone areas, native and exotic environmental weeds, where to see Australian plants growing, .....and much more!

Access this information via the 'Plant Guides' menu at the top of this page.


Our photo gallery includes over 700 images of Australian native plants - from Abelmoschus to Zieria! - with more being added regularly.

However, it's much more than a photo gallery - each photo is accompanied by a concise plant profile which provides information on:

  • Taxonomy, natural distribution and conservation status
  • Plant description
  • Propagation and cultivation


Biennial Conference

Every two years ANPSA hosts a Conference and Seminar program featuring lectures, workshops and field trips highlighting the diversity of Australia's native flora. Associated with the Conference are Pre- and Post-Conference Tours which allow participants to experience the diversity of the local flora.

The next Conference will be held in Western Australia in 2019 and further details will be published as planning proceeds. In the meantime, the details of the previous conference and tours can be viewed at the 2018 Conference website to allow those who are considering attending in 2019 to see the types of features that can be expected.


Study Groups

ANPSA has set up a number of specialist Study Groups which undertake the study of some particular aspect of Australian plants. The aim of each Study Group is to investigate growing conditions needed in various parts of Australia as well as to examine different propagation methods.

Some Study Groups undertake field trips to observe and photograph plants in their natural habitats. A number of new species have been discovered as a result of field excursions.



Our online magazine Australian Plants online features several hundred articles reproduced from the Society's newsletters. These cover all aspects of propagating and growing Australian native plants.


What is an Australian Native Plant?

The following definition has been adopted by ANPSA:

An Australian native plant is any plant indigenous to Australia as included in the Australian Plant Census except those identified therin as naturalised. An Australian native plant also includes any hybrid or cultivar in which all parents are Australian native plants.

An Australian plant native to a particular state of Australia is any plant indigenous to that state, as included in the Australian Plant Census except those identified therein as naturalised. An Australian plant native to a particular state of Australia also includes any hybrid or cultivar in which all parents are Australian plants native to that state of Australia.

Adopted: ANPSA Biennial Meeting 10/8/2013

ANPSA Logo Material on this website is the copyright of the Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) and individual authors, artists and photographers. For information on reproduction of material from this site, refer to our Copyright page.

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